Born and raised in New England, Central Florida has been George’s home for more than twenty years. Art was encouraged early on in school, at home and through Sunday afternoon trips to Art Museums. Eventually George picked up a camera and made it his medium of choice.

During High School there was an opportunity to be an exchange student to Germany. George traveled in Europe his camera recording the journey. These images produced his first major photography award from the Boston Globe Newspaper Company.

His professional career soon brought editorial work with organizations such as: The Springfield Union News, The Associated Press, The Chapel Hill News and The Gold Leaf Farmer. It was here that he was on the front lines for Breaking News, Sports and Feature Photography. George still maintains his press credentials and still works with news organizations. In 2017, he was considered for the Pulitzer for his work covering the tragic Pulse Nightclub Shootings in Central Florida. Much of his work and the press credentials he wore from these heartbreaking days in June 2016 resides in the permanent collection of the Orange County Regional History Museum for others to see, reflect on and learn from. A sound recording of his experience made with museum staff remains as well.

A tremendous influence on his early work were the photographs of Henri Cartier Bresson, Alfred Eisenstadt, Carl Mydans, Margaret Bourke-White and Robert Capa, who once said: “If your photographs are not good enough, then you are not close enough.”

Later work began to evolve into a drive for conservation of our wild spaces. Taking his inspiration from several landscape photographers, George is in the process of creating a body of work dedicated to the wilderness of Central Florida in hopes that through the medium of photography we all will be inspired to protect and preserve our natural resources.

An important factor setting his photography aside from others, especially now in the digital age, is the fact that there is no use of Photoshop or HDR. The images you see reflect what was actually there. The image is correct and accurate in the camera. Utilizing Photoshop or any of its techniques is not something that is unethical at all, as long as the viewer is made aware of the fact that the image has changed from photography to digital art. George utilizes only minimal digital tools in his work. Tools that closely align themselves with a traditional darkroom setting (such as sharpening, dodging and burning). In fact, George still uses a hand held light meter to determine proper exposure – a Weston Master II Model 735 from the late 1940’s!

George currently splits his time from photography to teach the craft at various Central Florida locations including Walt Disney World Resort, Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens, Mt. Dora Center for the Arts and the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary near Hot Springs, SD where he volunteers his time to take guests ot into the herds of wild horses for unique photography experiences.

George lectures annually at the Walt Disney World Flower and Garden Show as well as aboard cruise ships departing from Florida Ports of Call.

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