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The Myth: "all you need to do to get better photos is to just take hundreds of pictures. Some of them will be OK. That's what the professionals do." or "If you want your pictures to be more interesting, stand in front of stuff that is more interesting"

Getting better photographs is more than that. It is the process of developing into a more intentional photographer from a casual shooter. George Wilson is now offering photography workshop instruction. Whether you are a beginner struggling to break free of the automatic mode or a seasoned shooter looking for something new, there is a course for you.

The workshops are an immersive experience where you will learn a variety of new techniques in a supportive environment. The Workshops are suited for photographers of all skill levels, although you will have the best experience if you have a fundamental knowledge of your camera and post-processing techniques. We will visit beautiful landscapes that lend themselves to exploring composition and making compelling and dramatic images. Groups are kept small in order to allow me work with you to help you visualize your images and capture what your mind’s eye sees. This ensures a more intimate learning experience. I have worked in these areas before and can adjust our itinerary based on conditions. I look forward to you joining me at one of these Workshops.

Where are my workshops - too many places to note and they change frequently. They could be as close as metro Orlando or as far as the Badlands of South Dakota. They can be just a few hours, a couple of days or even a full week in the field.

The creation of a truly great photograph is now, unfortunately, considered a part of a process - a computer based process starting with initial concept, image capture and then digital manipulation. We are bombarded with images "photoshopped" to create thinner people, smoother skin, better skies. Items are added and deleted from images so often that we are losing touch with the truth in photography. HDR sandwiches 40, 50 and even 60 or more images to create 1 photograph. There is nothing wrong with this digital art as long as the viewer is informed of the fact that it is digital art, as long as it is not judged on a level field with images created in the camera and then touched up with traditional darkroom tolls (such as sharpening, dodging, burning, cropping and contrast control.

George Wilson Photography believes that a photograph must still be created in the camera in a single exposure. I do NOT use photoshop software nor do I teach photoshop software, because I do NOT own photoshop software. I do teach photo editing that follows the traditional rules and methods in a wet darkroom. My images are created in the camera and then ‘tweaked’ using traditional darkroom techniques available through the computer. This involves sharpening, cropping and adjustment of brightness and contrast. Yes, I am a purist when it comes to my images. I do not remove things from an image either physically or with the computer.

There is also the opportunity to combine the small group or field session, thus custom creating a session based on your individual needs. The individual instruction is the custom designed session with a custom duration, so it is built around your schedule. They are also great for people wanting a more intense lesson in landscape, wildlife or even infrared photography. The choice is yours! For the landscape and wildlife shooters these sessions will take place at some beautiful locations around Central Florida within a short drive from Orlando. This series will be perfect for those of you looking to take your photography to the next level, by receiving personal instruction and to give us more freedom.

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