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George Wilson Photography has begun to offer portrait sittings in Central Florida.
These portraits are custom by design – your design. George Wilson Photography will work with you to choose a location to bring out the best in your images. This could be a beautiful botanical garden, roaring rapids of a river, your home, a fantastic Florida sunset backdrop or a spectacular sunrise.The possibilities are endless.

Once we decide the location we will craft a portrait session to meet your personality, your own personal vision – something truly unique!

George Wilson Photography has over 30 years of photography experience and will utilize traditional methods for balancing light, creating mood and feel, bringing out your personality and own personal statement. Whether in Black and White or color, getting it correct in the camera and not crafting it later in the computer is the hallmark of my business.

Because each portrait session is unique – each proposal is unique. One size does not fit all and “X” never marks the spot. Please inquire with me, let’s meet to discuss your vision and develop the location, the image style and personal statement.

We will discuss wardrobe – what colors or type of colors would work best to not only for highlighting your complexion and hair color, but to demonstrate your personality. We live in a world of color – use it to your advantage! But don’t limit yourself to color – Black and White has tremendous power and doing a vintage style image – Butterfly, loop or Rembrandt lighting for example – in an early Hollywood style can be a unique self-statement.

After shooting your images, they will be uploaded and processed using a software developed specifically for the fashion industry! The images will be optimized, with your consultation of course, so that you look the best you can. This non photoshop software can make numerous adjustments with just a few mouse clicks. If you had a blemish on the day of the shoot - no worries! You will not see it.

In the first image above no changes have been made - this is exactly how it came from the camera. The center image has been retouched and cropped, with the final image being converted to monochrome at the client's request.

Let’s discuss your budget and what you would like to accomplish- let’s develop your portrait together.

Please call or text me at 407-451-7340. You can also Email me


Describe your photography experience? ---- I got my first camera at age 8, first SLR with saved up paper route money at age 13. I was in my first exhibit at 16, published at 17 and began shooting freelance editorial not long after that. –I still maintain press credentials and membership with the National Press Photographers Association and American Society of Media Photographers. Today, I focus on nature and wildlife, but still shoot commercial projects, portraits and whatever else comes along – I do shoot a very limited number of weddings. Combine this with teaching at numerous locations in Florida as well as South Dakota and you will see I am fairly busy.

Are you available to take my/our photograph? ---- Yes, of course. We will meet and discuss your image, goals and use first. I also want you to meet me and be comfortable with me. We will work together to craft an image that expresses your individuality

Do you do weddings? ---- On a very limited basis, but I can recommend someone, if the dates do not work out

What are your fees? ---- Each session and person is unique. (but I have some limited pricing on the Portrait FAQ page) An estimate will be given to cover the time I spend working on your images. In our initial meeting, we will discuss your budget and how I may work within it. There will be clauses for deposits and cancellations. If you are on a strict budget, I do complete a small amount of TFCD work or we can work out a payment arrangement to coincide with the contract and shooting dates.

Where will my images be taken? ---- The answer is anywhere. I designed my set ups to be portable. This could mean your home or business, a park, a remote swamp like the Everglades – Night or day!!!. The location and time is just as much a part of the image, your personality and the final image you desire.

Click Here for a Few Sample Headshots

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